Fast Formulas

Create spreadsheets and formulas in a few clicks

Fast Formulas is a program that offers MS Excel spreadsheets configured with the major formulas used in many different textbook subjects, including Finance, Accounting, Operations Management, Economics, and Engineering. Each formula is pre-configured so that you can enter values for each of the variables in the formula and see the results immediately. You can also copy and paste the formulas into your other spreadsheets and documents. This will greatly facilitate your work and reduce your time spent juggling with many spreadsheets.

Another great thing about Fast Formulas spreadsheets is that after class is over, you still have your text book formulas, even if you sell your book back. Plus, the formulas are right where you need them - on your computer, not hidden somewhere in a book. Since the formulas are created using MS Excel Spreadsheets (rather than some sort of custom software), you already know how to use them. And you don’t have to install another application on your computer.

Fast Formulas


Fast Formulas 2.0

User reviews about Fast Formulas

  • smurray

    by smurray

    "Real timesaver"

    It might sound like i´m cheating but this program helped me blag my way through my latest accountancy exams. I know how ... More.

    reviewed on October 31, 2005